Durdle Door


Durdle Door in Dorset is 100% gorge. And if you don’t believe me, it even has 4.5* on TripAdvisor!


If you’re ever in need of a good hilly walk to stretch those legs and some pretty scenery, this is the place to go. Plus it’s ideal for bringing the dogs.


Man of War (St Oswalds Bay) is a cove right next to DD, apparently it got its name from some nearby rocks that look like sunken warships.IMG_1420

The walk to Lulworth Cove

Remember your trainers as it’s fairly steep and not for the faint-hearted ambler, plus it can get a bit slippery when raining and flip-flops are not ideal (as I found out!)


You could easily spend about 2 hours walking from Lulworth Cove to DD and back (it’s about 1.3 miles between the two) with time to explore the shops. 

durdle door map

Lulworth Cove
Lulworth Cove

It’s positioned on the Jurassic Coast between Swanage and Weymouth and is fairly easy to get to. Use BH20 5RN for your satnav, but try not to get lost as there is zero signal!

dd from website
I had to steal this photo from the website!

The beach is recommended by the Marine Conservation Society for excellent water quality; which is clear to see when you visit. So jump on in if you fancy a splash in the tropical English Channel! According to Lulworth Online, it’s also a great spot for “snorkeling from and you can explore caves and exciting rock strata”. Probably the first time I’ve ever seen ‘exciting’ and ‘rock’ together in a sentence.

One of the exciting (crocodile) rocks mentioned on the website.

So, what is Durdle Door? A huge limestone rock arch formed about 140 million years ago. At its tallest point, Durdle Door is 61 metres high.

You can see how busy it gets! And this was taken late in the afternoon when it was quieting down…

Fun fact: the name Durdle is derived from the Old English ‘thirl’ meaning bore or drill. For more #FunFacts, there is a world heritage visitor centre next to the car park at Lulworth Cove.

Me, posing like a scarecrow

To enjoy the Durdle in it’s full glory, I’d advise avoiding visiting on a bank holiday as I did! Also on a nice weekend it’s a giant magnet for tourists and annoying noisy children. People clamber over the restricted areas and the paths become overcrowded meaning you keep having to stop.

Do NOT get pelled!!!


The mothership






There are a few shops near Lulworth Cove, essential for ice cream and crab burgers on the beach, and a couple of pubs.




Crab buuurrrrgguuuuurr

If you love the activities, you won’t be disappointed. There’s lots on, including: kayaking, water skiing and rib tours, to name a few.

Cute stripy kayaking hut

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