Interview with Tom Lane

14222106_10157423040210402_5795048646889860090_nI was lucky to catch Jayne at Blenheim HT for a glimpse behind the scenes of Tom Lane.

Inspired by her life growing up on a farm in the country, Jayne set out to create highly durable, wearable and stylish products for country pursuits and sports. Started in 2014, the collection launched a few months later in July 2015.

Products include gorgeous socks using alpaca yarn and Merino wool, gloriously snuggly throws, belts, tote bags and more.


Tom Lane began with a focus on waterproof shirts, with the Wanderer and White collection, perfect for fishing, walking and other outdoor activities.


The shirts are made in Wales using a slightly thicker cotton than most other shirts, so a vest doesn’t have to be worn underneath and the shirt doesn’t go see-through. Pretty much the bane of my life! Never ideal when that happens at work. Jayne spends time with all her producers from start to finish to ensure no detail has been missed.

Can you believe this shirt is 100% waterproof?! Also comes in white

Although it can be tricky finding manufacturers in Britain due to distance (Tom Lane factories are based between Wales and Scotland!), Jayne is passionate about the British heritage behind the brand and the importance of supporting sustainable British labour.


Jayne focuses on different products at each show, explaining the importance of tailoring for each customer depending on location. For example at The Game Fair shooting socks and shirts are most popular, whereas at Spirit of Christmas, the alpaca socks make popular gifts.  Especially ideal for cosy winter nights in by the fire…
About attending country shows and fairs, “it’s lovely to meet customers and have feedback – that’s how the fingerless cashmere gloves came about.” Jayne’s country background means the shows she attends can often be a family affair, with her cousin competing at Blenheim and knowing many others there.
Tom Lane isn’t about fast fashion, with quality being at the core of the business. As most people go through shooting socks after a few uses, Jayne has designed hers with reinforced toes that are made to last.
Tom Lane socks in the making. Read more.

Above, a photo taken by Jayne when she visited one of her sock manufacturers in Leicester, made using traditional methods and equipment, the socks are carefully finished off by hand.

A pair of shooting socks coming to life! Read more.

Funnily, the inspiration for the name ‘Tom Lane’ is from a local road. And since launching the business, Jayne has met a fair few real Tom Lane’s!

Perfecting the website has been one of the biggest challenges, for the business to grow and become primarily dependent on e-commerce. Customers presume there’s a huge team running the show, but Jayne is currently operating as a slick one man band! From taking her own professional photos, to learning how to attach the straps of her gorgeous tote bags.


You can shop Tom Lane online here, or find Jayne at any one of the 35(!!!) country fair and shows she attends throughout the year. Follow on Facebook for upcoming events.

The stand at Burghley Horse Trials





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