Why a night at Eynsham Hall is a great idea

Based just outside Oxford, with Blenheim Palace and the Cotswolds on its doorstep, is the lovely Enysham Hall in Witney.

My photo is below, can you tell which one was taken by the professional?!

We had a brilliant stay for one night in the main hotel; being built in the 1700s I thought it would be chilly and old fashioned but not at all!


The current freeholder’s grandfather made his fortune from copper in Portugal, which is a recurring theme throughout. The walls are painted a warm turquoise colour (or the colour copper turns when exposed to the elements) and each of the 135 rooms are numbered by a tag on the doorframe in large coppery stitching.


I loved the quirky artwork and photos!


But, copper as in policemen, is also a theme throughout the hotel. For 35 years Eynsham Hall used to be the Number 5 District Training Centre and they have large display cabinets (aptly names ‘the cabinets of curiosity’) on the ground floor with interesting memorabilia.


When we got to our room, the radio was on and Classic FM was playing a dramatic number – a really nice touch, much nicer than being greeted by a TV!


I LOVE hotels that have hot chocolate in the room (too many don’t and it’s an essential), there was a fab selection of herbal teas, coffees and a wonderfully stocked minibar (hello prosecco).

The room had a pretty view of the garden and pond:


And on the dressing table was guest newspaper, telling you all about the hotel, it’s history, old photos, details about the furnishings (400 year old books, taxidermy, the giant persian rug….) and services, etc.


Another sweet little touch were the bottles, soaps and bath salts – all which has “with love & more” on the front.

Anyway, enough of the bathroom pictures – We were keen to get out and about!

Fun fact: this ‘dogleg’ staircase was carved by James Webb, whose trademark was to hide a halfpenny and his initials into a joint in the woodwork.Bar

We first stopped in at the Gun Room for some of their delish teapot cocktails, which we sipped in front of a cracking fire in the main hall:

Teacup cocktails

Cocktails 1

*(sorry about if you spotted the rude playing cards, they were a “hilarious” valentines present from my mum..)

And then on to the pool and sauna! Because everyone knows alcohol is the best energiser before any kind of exercise ;)IMG_7973

It looked like the pool was undergoing a refurb, but the sauna was very new and one wall of it was all glass facing the garden. There was something incredibly satisfying about sweating away in the heat while watching the rain pour outside!

Dinner was yummy – I liked the copper pipes decorating the restaurant bar.


After THE BEST sleep in the cosiest and comfiest bed,  we sadly ended our stay with a hearty brekky.IMG_7980Brekky

I’d absolutely recommend the hotel, it’s a really peaceful escape from the city, relaxing yet still fun at the same time. The only downside was a short walk outside to the pool & gym (plus make sure you stay in the main hotel and not one of the out-buildings). Also it’s a good idea to plan things ahead to do, we popped into Oxford for a mooch but it was raining so miserably and we couldn’t find anywhere to park that we didn’t stay very long. I’ve been around the university grounds before, so next I think I’d like to explore Oxford Castle. We brought our trainers thinking we could go for a walk from the hotel, but most of the property is enclosed by ‘private property’ signs and we just had to stretch our legs by walking up and down the drive (this was our fault for being too lazy and asking reception!)

I love the area and can’t wait to visit Enysham Hall again soon!


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