French yoghurt cake fail

Do you ever really feel in the mood for baking something? I was in one of those moods, and recently saw The Londoner’s post: French Yogurt Cake {The Easiest Cake in The World!}

The EASIEST cake in the world? Well, I’m a rubbish baker, so this sounded right up my street! And her pictures looked beautiful, who wouldn’t want a piece of that?!

Rosie Londoner French yoghurt cakeOther things that drew me to this recipe were because it’s made with yoghurt, something I haven’t tried before. And it doesn’t need ANY measuring, just use the yoghurt pot – perfect! Quick and easy.IMG_8878I printed out Rosie’s recipe and got to work, she uses a 125ml pot but the smallest size I could find was 150ml. IMG_8879Once you’ve poured the yoghurt out, it makes a nifty scoop for the flour and fits in the flour box perfectly!IMG_8881In the recipe it says to use: Half a pot of mild olive oil (or vegetable/coconut oil if you prefer).

I didn’t think twice about this, and poured in some extra virgin olive oil, big mistake! 🙈 The cake tasted SO strongly of olive oil!!! Pretty weird with raspberries.IMG_8882About the add the eggs – my fave part! Am I the only one that finds it strangely satisfying whisking eggs…?IMG_8883Here’s a delightful photo of my bowl looking extremely unappetising and everything mushed together. In hindsight, I probably should’ve used a whisk or wooden spoon…IMG_8884I popped in the raspberries, nowhere near as neatly as Rosie. With the oven already nicely preheated (just call me domestic goddess), in it went…….

AND…..IMG_8887It burnt!

I didn’t constantly keep opening and closing the oven door to check on it, and made sure I kept to the cooking time exactly! (45 mins to 1 hour). The oven is a fairly new fan oven, I set it slightly below 180C as I’ve heard it’s better to bake low and slow but sadly it didn’t work out this time.IMG_8888The cake didn’t rise very much and there wasn’t very much of it either. So I popped the flat slab on to a baking tray to cool…IMG_8889Then chopped off the burnt bits and started thinking about a raspberry sauce. I poured in lots of icing sugar, butter, and blitzed with a big handful of berries.IMG_8890I’m not very patient, which is why you can still see chunks of butter in the icing! IMG_8894Ooooh, this was an attempt at an arty pouring picture! I started doing stripes, thinking it was look like a fancy drizzle effect, but not quite…IMG_8893Hmmm I don’t think Mary Berry would rate this bake! #GBBOfail IMG_8897img_8898.jpgAnd there it is! In all its glory. Two punnets of raspberries were probably too much, in future DO NOT use strong olive oil (probably vegetable oil is better) and maybe stir it less than I did (I should learn how to ‘fold’ properly!)IMG_8901I was quite disappointed with the cake, it definitely was not the easiest cake in the world! But if you’re a more experienced baker I imagine it’s an easy recipe to make. I think I’ll stick to buying my next French yoghurt cake…!


4 thoughts on “French yoghurt cake fail

  1. Oh no! I’ve definitely been in this position before so feel your pain! Nothing worse than having a hankering to bake and it all going wrong!


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